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Oct. 17th, 2016 02:54 pm
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Name: Ukoku Sanzo aka Ni Jianyi or Dr. Ni
Age: 37
Canon: Saiyuki (manga)
Canon Point: End of fight with Sanzo and others. No eye damage.

Appearance: 5'10", lean, black hair and eyes. As Dr. Ni. As Ukoku Sanzo. He's always wearing his glasses and as his Ni persona, he carries around a stuffed bunny doll. Likes bunny slippers.

I can't be like that. If I'm not in an eat or be eaten situation...I don't feel alive. Really, there's nothing I want.

Ni is chronically bored, he finds everything in life too easy. He's powerful, intelligent, and breezes through obstacles. He only became a Sanzo priest because he thought it would be a worthy challenge.

To him, other people are toys. He freely lies, manipulates, harasses, and torments others as it amuses him. As Dr. Ni, he comes across as nonchalant, lazy, messy, and crude, it's an effective cover for how incredibly malicious he really is. He really doesn't care to show respect unless it plays into his scheming and it's hard to get him angry. Not impossible however, if someone derails his careful plans.

Waiting for the perfect moment to murder a dear friend of his target just to maximize the ensuing mental anguish is his kind of game.

Abilities: While the heretical Sanzo, one not approved by the gods, he is a well trained one. He's adept with magical talents; teleportation, medium range damage, things of that nature, without chanting. He's just as dangerous in close quarters, breaking bones and outmaneuvering skilled opponents with ease.

Muten Sutra: The Muten Sutra is a terrifying piece of work. It's physically threatening while active, able to slice cleanly through wood, rock, and flesh with no resistance. If Ukoku really wants to make a point, he can also literally erase someone from existence with it. This works through destroying the memories others have of the person he's attacking. How that process ends is unknown.

That all said, Ni isn't interested in fighting unless he gets something out of it, like tormenting Genjyo Sanzo. As he can so easily cut down others from a distance, an outright fight is really just him playing with his food.


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